Scottish gardeners love the Caribbean whilst Yorkshire folk favour Madeira

Public garden of Villa Taranto in Italy

Having been in the business for ten years now, we have been able to pick up on some general trends in terms of where people across the country like to holiday. from waht we can see from our bookings, it would seem that keen gardeners in Scotland like to spend their holidays looking at the flowers, shrubs, and trees in the sunny climes of the Caribbean and Morocco whilst their counterparts in East Anglia opt for garden visits to Spain and Madeira.

Gardeners in the North West of England prefer Spain, but cross over the Pennines to Yorkshire and the North East, and Moroccan and Madeiran gardens tickle their fancy.

In the Midlands there is a marked difference between East and West with the former loving Madeira and West Midlanders putting the gardens of Madrid, Galicia, Seville and Andalucia the top of their list.

“Perhaps due to the proximity to major airports,” says Peter Moxley, “our largest customer base in the South East, and they take garden holidays to most of our destination but for people living in the South West peninsular, further away from such airports, the Caribbean is the hot favourite.”

Would you agree with our conclusions? Do your preferences and location support these findings? We’d love to hear from you!

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