See Grenada at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show – Then Tour Grenada Yourself!

Grenada at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

RHS Chelsea Flower Show descends on London once again next week. For garden enthusiasts like us here at Garden Tours it is time of year we get very excited by.

Grenada will exhibit it’s exuberant flora at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show for the 19th consecutive year. This year the beautiful island of Grenada has its eyes firmly set on achieving a 14th gold medal. The lush flora and fauna continues to impress judges, with the 2017 exhibit Historical Botanical Gardens being described as the best they had ever judged. Pure Grenada has decided to continue to invest and support in the RHS Chelsea Flower Shows Grenada exhibits as it draws attention to Grenada as more than a destination for sun, sea and sand.

Suzanne Gaywood MBE born in Grenada, now living in rural Essex, has led the exhibit to a gold medal on two occasions at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Her passion for her home countries plants and flowers have transcended into beautiful displays wowing visitors and judges alike.

The success at RHS Chelsea Flower Show at the sheer beauty of the spice island inspired us at Garden Tours to start our Caribbean Flowers and Gardens back in 2011. The tour will run again in 2018 escorted by Suzanne Gaywood MBE herself.

The Garden Tours holiday to Grenada, accompanied by Suzanne offer once in a lifetime experiences. She knows all of the gardeners personally, mainly through her work at Chelsea, and they are all just as passionate as she is about them. The tours are very friendly and welcoming, with guests often stopping for afternoon tea in a private garden with one of Suzanne’s local friends! Or breakfast in a private garden overlooking the island of Grenada… what better way to start the day.

During the tour, you would stay in a boutique hotel, with beautiful gardens of their own, the tropical climate attracts a variety of birds and wildlife.

This Garden Tours holiday offers you the chance to visit eight unique and diverse gardens and also discover the other charms associated with Grenada. There is, for example, the chance to visit a cocoa plantation to see the process of chocolate-making in action, or to travel through the rainforest, over the mountains to visit a rum distillery. And of course leisure time to put simple relax in the Caribbean surroundings.

The unique Grenada Garden Tours take place just once a year, every November, when the weather is hot and wet, when the gardens are at their most lush and beautiful.

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